Acadia Einstein, Marketing Genius

Acadia Einstein Mad Men

Darlings, our own dear Acadia Einstein has quite a reputation for interesting ideas, as those of you who read Horror GIF of the Week or 31 Scary Things already know. Which was why, when Acadia had the idea to make commercials for each other’s websites, I agreed (cautiously). As I understood it, we were betting which one of us could make the best $5 commercial for the other using Fiverr, a fun little site where people sell kooky $5 gigs.  At least, I thought that was the bet when I made my commercial. Here’s how he just described his commercial: 

“It is awful.  And that was sort of the point.”

Clearly, I need to invest in an “Acadia Einstein to English” dictionary for the next time he tells me he has a brilliant idea. At any rate, if you go see the commercial I made for him, I think you’ll agree that I won this round (or lost, maybe?). As for his commercial, well…on Mad Men, Don Draper once said, “make it short, but significant.”  At least it’s short, kittens.

(Okay, I lied.  It wasn’t actually that short, either.  Better luck next time, Acadia!)

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9 replies

  1. It has an understated charm….

    Shut up.

  2. You know, that is actually a pretty gd good promo.


  1. *Hires Eva Halloween for Ad Agency* | Superficial GallerySuperficial Gallery

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