Paradise Found: Creepy Clown Photographs by Erwin Olaf

Kittens, if you suffer from a fear of clowns, best turn away now. 
Erwin Olaf Paradise Portraits Old Scary Clown Joker Creepy

Still here? Then don’t say you weren’t warned when you see the grotesque circus bacchanalia of Paradise the Club by Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.  This 2001 photoshoot features explosive, highly-saturated photos of a circus turned sinister bondage club full of lurid freaks and malevolently mischievous clowns. Not enough to fuel a coulrophopic’s waking nightmare? He thoughtfully provided an accompanying series of disturbing clown portraiture, Paradise Portraits, close-up photos of clowns in various stages of terrifying, from decay to intensely grinning maniacal joy. Visit Erwin Olaf’s portfolio for the complete collection, and see you in your dreams, darlings.

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14 replies

  1. I love that the photographer is looking back at us, mirrored in the scary clowns’ eyes!

  2. Oh God oh God — that milky stuff on his lips! — Achk!

  3. Urggghhh clowns are the creepiest things ever, I even thought that before reading It

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