Nothing but Shadow There: Twisted Vines Chandelier

Forms in Nature Vine Light Sculpture

Imagine the walls of your room suddenly come alive with shadowy vines, twisting up huge to the sky, like some Jack-and-the-Beanstalk fairy tale springing to dark life before your eyes.  Or perhaps they are the fierce, enchanted guardians of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, barring the walls with 100 years of thorny growth. In fact, these are shadows brought to life by artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz in their Forms In Nature light sculpture, a gorgeous, twisted design piece that, when lit, creates a stunning tangle of oversized vines against the walls of your room.

The shadows engulfs the room and transforms the walls into unruly shadows of branches, bushes and gnarled trees. Mirrorings are thrown out upon the walls and ceilings and provide weak Rorschach-like hints of faces, life and flow of consciousness. Diming the lights transforms the installation and one senses a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest.

The artists are auctioning off this prototype and planning a Kickstarter in the near future.  For more information as well as pictures and a short video, visit their site, Hilden & Diaz.

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5 replies

  1. Is there a way you can just buy this for me?

  2. This chandelier and its shadows are absolutely gorgeous! I think it would probably give my children nightmares, but I love it.

  3. I wanna buy this from where can i get it? Plzzz help mee plzzz!
    This is my email
    Okay? Send me a email if u can help me!

    • Sahar, this is a design piece by artists Hilden & Diaz. They are auctioning it off on their site, but it looks like they are trying to fund a Kickstarter to make another 100 to sell. I would check out their website and contact them directly for more information.

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