Friday Night Features: “Smile” Short Film

Darlings, I know I’ve left you without a new horror short for the last two weeks, but it’s Friday and I’m back with a full measure of horrific weirdness with tonight’s feature, Smile. Created by Yuval Markovich and Noam Abta in 2005 as a student film at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Israel, the film intersperses stylized, computer-generated animation and live-action with video and images, creating a sense of distorted unreality and deepening horror. Equal parts creepy and bizarre, this one is worth a watch. Enjoy!

Smile Animated Horror Short

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5 replies

  1. Wow! That was so creepy! Thanks for continuing to post great content, definitely my favourite WordPress blog!

  2. He should have taken the coffee…

  3. Umm, I’m hoping he took one of the valiums to counter whatever the heck he took before he got to that friend’s place…he seemed to have gotten a bad hit of acid.

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