I Crust You to Make the Right Choice: Sci-Fi Bread Recipes from Kitchen Overlord

Xenomorph Pretzel Roll by Kitchen Overlord vs Xenomorph Guardian by Vixen73

Darlings, back in February, the superior baking minds over at Kitchen Overlord shared the results of a Bitchin’ Bread Battle, a month’s worth of innovative and fabulously geeky bread recipes. While any of these would make an excellent addition to a Halloween spread or sci-fi movie night, I am especially partial to the Xenomorph Pretzel Bread above and (nodding to my Whovian readers) the Doctor Who-inspired Ood Rolls below.

Ood Rolls by Kitchen Overlord Vs. Doctor Who Planet of the Ood

If Xenomorphs and Oods aren’t really your cup of tea, you can try the Bleeding Zombie Victim Loaf, Anatomical Heart Pull-Apart Bread, or the pièce de résistance, this cinnamony, almondy Sandworm Bread. Fellow Dune lovers, let it eat your heart out eat your heart out.

Sandworm Bread by Kitchen Overlord Vs. Frank Herbert's Sandworms from Dune

(Visit Kitchen Overlord for more recipes, photos, and general geekiness. Bitchin’ Bread Battle via Boing Boing)

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  1. I bet those cost a lot of dough.



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