Announcing the TYoH Subscriber Contest Winner…Now with Halloween Pinups!

Betty Grable Halloween Pinup Vintage

Kittens, I am excited to report that, with our latest subscriber, rumpleysponge from The Hogwash Troff, we have passed the 666 subscriber mark and it’s time to announce the winner of our TYoH Subscriber Contest!  We appealed to the spirits to randomly choose a subscriber from our list for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card…and the winner is Vampyre Fangs!  His site is chock full of spooky goodness, so do take a stroll over and check it out.  And, since we are now just 3 short months til October, I thought I’d let these lovely vintage Halloween pinups (Lillian Wells, Betty Grable, Etchika Choureau, Jane Greer, Ann Miller, Yvonne de Carlo, Virginia Wells, Adele Jergens, Veronica Lake, Ida Lupino, Ava Gardner, and the luscious Hedy Lamar) join me in thanking you all for subscribing and kicking off our official countdown to Halloween!

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6 replies

  1. So much hauteness!

  2. Reblogged this on Vampyre Fangs and commented:
    Thank you, thank you. Oh, goodness. Where do I begin? First off, I want to thank the Academy. You’re so wonderful. I love you. Oh, no… there are so many people to thank. Ummm… Steven Spielberg, of course. You’re such a mensch. And George Lucas. You’re so wonderful. Oh, and all the geeks and nerdlings over at Industrial Light & Magic for making me look so lifelike. Thanks so much for my agent, mentor and inner voice, Daniel. I literally wouldn’t be here without him. You made me, Daniel. Never forget! Oh, oh, oh,,, my head is spinning. All the fantastic minds at WordPress, especially those in Fashion, Style, Photography, Photos, Science, Research, Vampyres, Zombies and above all, Goth. And last but not least, my darling sweetie, Eva. With you, every day is Halloween! Thank you, to all the little people out there. This wouldn’t have happened without you… or people very much like you. Wait up, Eva. I’m coming right over!!

  3. I thought I had rigged this so that i won. WTH. Apparently I am one of the little people. *reaches for cookies* DAMMIT!

    Congrats @vampyrefangs….FOR NOW!

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