Halloween is Here! (well, almost)

Pottery Barn Happy Halloween Banner Haunted Garden

Darlings, we are 84 days from Halloween and I’m happy to announce that the Halloween catalogs are here! Now, I’m more of a DIY type of ghoul, but I do love to browse what’s in the stores every year, particularly the full-size animated effigies from Grandin Road and elegantly awful entertaining accoutrements from Pottery Barn.  Check out the sites or browse the gallery below for a few that caught my eye. Enjoy, and happy haunting!

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7 replies

  1. The time for Halloween Prep has arrived!! >:) Hoooray!!!!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous … now I have to go pin all the things. Good think I woke up early today; I can spare a little time.

    • Pottery Barn is so ridiculously expensive, but I adore how, every year, they quietly put together these gorgeous Halloween scenes with such creepily elegant toys. Most of them sell out every year, too!

  3. Nice pics, already seeing stuff in the stores for Halloween. Couldn’t believe it.

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