Horror Gif of the Week: A Quiz!

I’m always giving you the answers on these things. Or doing elaborate explanations or other really laborious tasks.  But not this time.  This time I am going to have you guys tell me what this thing is about.

  1. Woman falling down dumb waiter shaft that had a bunch of nails in it.
  2. Woman trying to climb out of a monster’s pantry (and being too slow).
  3. Two children happily walking to school (you need to squint to see that one).
  4. A woman getting pulled into some sort of metallic “chomper”.
  5. Other.quiz

If you choose “other” you need to explain your answer.  And you will get an extra point if you use the word “chomper”.  Two extra points if you use the word “chomper” in a way that makes ZERO sense.  Such as: Well I think the lady fell chomper out of a boat!

Chomper good luck!

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9 replies

  1. This bad boy gave me a headache…. looks gross!

  2. Perkin’s 14 boooooooooooyeeeeeeee! Now give me my prize!

  3. Oh I see, you don’t let me html up in this comment section? I was going to post a pic and your comment section was like, “whaaaaaaaaat” and I was like, “whaaaaaaaaat” and nothing came of it. We have communication problems.

  4. I also want to be like “whaaaaaaaat” because “whaaaaaaaaaat?” It appears that this here lady is trying to climb out of a bathroom window, but then something grabs her arms and done did chomper. Ded ladee.

  5. It’s obviously Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River Tube 1.0. It….went…well…and then that fat kid got stuck in 2.0. They’re currently on 45.0 at the factory… Those crazy oompa loompas are just out of control when it comes to that goddamned tube! Sexual deviants!

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