Friday Night Features: “Run” Short Film

Run by Mat Johns

Darlings, welcome to a rare Saturday edition of Friday Night Features, with the chilling 2012 short film Run. One part video travel journal, one part thoughtful letter home by a young traveler on the road for reasons which grow clearer as the movie progresses. Written, directed, and produced by Mat Johns in four days with virtually zero budget for Filmonik’s Halloween Kino Kabaret, this short sat on my shelf for months while I wondered if I should feature it here.

The hand-held camera work and introspective voice-over lend an almost dream-like, dozy quality to the joys of traveling and meeting new friends while still longing for home, a pleasantly hazy tone that continues as the horror of everyday monsters is revealed. Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of joy and thoughtfulness with abject cruelty and horror that makes this short so jarring – certainly I’ve watched and featured more graphic films, and yet there was something about this one that lingered. Enjoy!

(via Short of the Week)

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