Halloween is Coming… Little Girls Get Ready to Kick Ass

cosplay-kidSweetlings, Halloween is just 33 days away and it’s time to start thinking costume! Finding just the right look is always a challenge, but ever more so when you’re trying to honor your darling tiny geek’s request for something a little less pink and more mechanized.  If you’re searching for a little costume inspiration for your little ones (or for yourself), check out this lovely, thoughtful post from Luna Luna Mag on DIY superhero costume ideas inspired by the bad ass ladies of vintage comics. Find more great geek girl costume inspiration at Epbot and Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes than You.


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After all the hoo-ha this past week about Miley Cyrus (I don’t care what she wore/did but my Facebook feed was covered in posts about her, and I refuse to link to anything related to her), after talks at my college about the clothes the girls are wearing (this conversation is as old as linen, and again, I don’t see the need to dwell on it), after reading the awesome article about being a woman by Luna Luna leader Lisa Marie Basile (which is here), a final straw was laid on my mind that has me going.

A writer friend who turns old books into purses at Rokki Fashion Handbags, posted this on Facebook:


I reposted it, and had the following conversation (this is just the beginning of it):


Now, I’m all for women being comfortable being whomever they want to be, sexy, modest, shy, loud, whatever. If…

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