DIY Superhero Capes

Great, easy, DIY instructions…because who doesn’t need a cape sometimes?

– Eva

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christine trevino

I’ve learned super-hero costuming is year round apparel in our house.  Last year’s Blue Batman and Baby Robin costumes were designed with time (to complete) and cost (think cheap) in mind.  I expected they’d only be worn for Halloween – which was true for my growing baby boy, but Elijah’s worn his out.  For this year’s costumes I’m focusing on functionality and durability with less emphasis on how long and how much.

As a result, here is my new take on the super-hero cape.  My favorite feature of this cape is that once it is completed, there is no need to fasten and unfasten it.  Because the cape’s shape is held together with elastic, it easily goes on and off over the head.  And it looks really cool when it’s trailing behind you :).

Supplies for Child Cape

43″ wide costume satin X length in inches from shoulder to floor

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  1. You know, sweetie, I always suspected you of secretly wearing a superhero cape! 😉


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