Friday Night Features: “Don’t Go Near the Old Ash Tree” Short Film

Friday night means it’s time again for Friday Night Features! As we count down the Fridays in October, we’ll be featuring this year’s most horrifying horror shorts. And with just two Fridays until Halloween, this week’s feature, Don’t Go Near the Old Ash Tree, is down right shivery, darlings. Created and narrated by TYoH favorite Katy Towell, this starkly animated film presents the haunting tale of a forbidden ash tree that curiously compels the attention of young Miss Eliza. Enjoy!  

Still from Don't Go Near the Old Ash Tree by Katy Towell

Find more art and animation from Katy Towell at Childrin R Skary.

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4 replies

  1. That’s great, you’re getting me in the mood. Last year at this time, I had done a couple pre-Halloween blogposts (although that isn’t my focus normally) but this year I have nothing 😦 You’re beginning to inspire me, though.

    • Oh, everyone seems a little slow to get in the spirit this year – maybe the summer was too darn long and hot. There was a bit of a chill in the air tonight for the first time…I think we’ll be smelling woodfires and apple cider before long, and that’ll get everyone carving pumpkins. 🙂

  2. Son of a beech (or is that ‘son of a birch?’) You’ve done it again, sweetie. Given me goosebumps AND smiles! 🙂

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