Friday Night Features: “Oculus” Short Film

Darlings, we’ve been counting down the Fridays til Halloween with my picks for scariest horror short films of the year. With Halloween just six days away, we’ve reached our final and most fantastically creepy short: Oculus. Written and directed by Mike Flanagan, the dark mind behind Absentia, this 2006 short is the longest and possibly the scariest film we’ve ever featured. Made for about $1500 over four days and echoing elements of Stephen King’s The Reaper’s Image and Room 1408, Oculus is composed simply in a stark room, allowing all focus to be on actor Scott Graham as he slowly unravels, confronting an unusual adversary with a bizarre and brutal history spanning more than three centuries. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

Oculus Short Film Scott Graham

Mike Flangan’s site tantalizingly lists a feature length version of this film with a 2014 release date. Until then, you can purchase a special edition DVD here of the Oculus short that includes deleted scenes and an alternate ending.

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  1. I am commenting for 2 reasons:

    1- Oculus is awesome.
    2- It’s a test to see if I am worthy of commenting…trying to slay the Moderation Monster.


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