Horror GIF of the Week Presents: The 31 Scariest GIFs of the Year

OK folks.  I am not sure about you but I am pretty convinced that Horror GIF of the Week was the best weekly horror gif feature on the entire Internet this year.  I checked on Alta Vista (apparently Alta Vista is Yahoo now) and Ask.com and Excite.com and if you search for horror gif of the week, there I am.

horror gif of the week with Acadia Einstein (2)

And how many people search for that?

*rifles through papers*

Not many. Not many at all. In fact I think I might have been the first one.

So…sorry Eva.  I promised you search engine results but I never told you they would be popular. Think of me as the World’s Tallest Midget.  I might not be useful, but I am super unique!

Happy Halloween, my little tater tots.  Enjoy this gallery of the thirty one scariest gifs we could find. I promise you that this coming year will have another…thing.  But I make no promises beyond that. And now that I’ve been here a year I have tenure so Eva can’t fire me.  HA!

I am going to go to Google and find a term that has ZERO search results and then dominate that term. KJlujdoosjskjhdremp Elves here I come!

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15 replies

  1. Just don’t challenge me because I am the master of “kissing facking prom pic”!!

  2. Ugh, I hate eyeball stuff almost as much as I hate clowns, and you’ve provided more than enough of that to last me a horrific lifetime. Thanks a lot, Acadia.

  3. That broken doll one at the end might actually be most disturbing. Well, after the horrible pus baby thing.

  4. Or the one orally injecting a larvae *shudders*.

  5. You know what gets me? The one where Michael Myers looks at the camera… or at me. That freaks me out.

  6. Bahahahahahha.This is awesome!

  7. no eyeball stuff
    stay away
    do not want

  8. Syringe in the eyeball is overboard.

  9. *Cringes* I have icky shudders all down my back and my shoulders are up by my ears. Luckily I didn’t scream in the office! Such unpleasant gifs. I kinda loved it!

  10. But, I want to know what some of these are from!

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