Horror GIF of the Week: Does This Look Infected to You?

I don’t know why I choose these gif posts to be all expository but whatevs.  It’s not like this is my site (mine is over here –  why don’t you go look at it once in a while!) so I can afford to drop my gruff exterior and show you my sensitive side.  Or maybe my gross and unsettling side.  Or both!

See, I sort of think that this week’s gifs are kind of cool and I sort of wouldn’t care if that happened to me.  I mean, I am sure I would care at first when whatever it is went in me, but pulling it out?  That would be awesome.

And you know what I mean, too. Every single person has had something like that. Cracking your back. Popping a zit. That happy time the next day when the piece of popcorn husk finally comes out from between your teeth.  If something you didn’t want in you is in you and you get it out it feels good. That’s how I would feel if I had a big plant root or worm or whatever in my leg and I pulled it out.  It would be heaven.

I wonder if there is a kind of cutter that just gives themselves splinters and then takes them out later.  I could prolly get into that.  *makes finger phone gesture next to ear*  call me…

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6 replies

  1. o_0

    How is this BETTER than the eye gif??

  2. I do love getting rid of those popcorn husks.

  3. HMMMMM…. I’m nominating this for – wait – you know what – GROSS!

  4. Gross is something that 15 year old boys are this is so far beyond that I feel ill

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