Friday Night Features: “The Raven” Short Film

Darlings, this week marked the 169th anniversary of the first publication of Edward Allan Poe’s The RavenIn honor of this seminal work of lyrical poetry, tonight’s featured horror short is an unorthodox 2009 take on Poe’s work by Nicanor Loreti, Mariano Cattaneo and independent Argentinian production company NoDejesDeMirar. This animated short follows the original text of The Raven while adding a unique spin through original imagery, an eerie score, and the gravelly narration of veteran villain Billy Drago. Enjoy!

As an added bonus, here’s a gallery of famed Romantic artist Gustav Doré’s 1883 illustrations for The Raven. Doré saw Poe’s work as a literary ideal,  “the enigma of death and the hallucination of an inconsolable soul.”

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8 replies

  1. I am live blogging my watching of this.

  2. I am glad Poe wasn’t Spanish because no girl’s name rhymes with “Nunca Mas”

  3. I appreciate this movie because I never think about the middle verses of the poem.

  4. Now I can’t talk about the end because there would be spoilers. Which means you all have to watch it because holy crap.

  5. Acadia’s Review: Not only do I have the attention span of a child but I thought The Raven had been ruined for me by The Simpsons. But the unique take this movie (plus the fact that I knew Billy Drago was the guy from The Untouchables) has drawn me back to the poem and I give this 4 out of 5 skulls.

    • You know I adore giving you a hard time, darling, but you’re tough to please on these and I’m always glad to find one you enjoy. I was on the fence with this the first time I watched it (such a departure from the usual tellings!) but ultimately I loved how refreshingly different it was.

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