I Killed A Pirate Who Was Already Dead: The Curse of Oak Island

Aerial shot showing the location of the Money Pit on Oak Island, NS via Oak Island Money Pit

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Oak Island, but if you aren’t, here is the story in a nutshell:

<nutshell>Way back in olden times some guys found a pit on this island.  They tried digging it up and they found a bunch of man-made stuff in it but then they couldn’t dig any deeper.  Over the next two hundred years they have found stuff and six people died and now two brothers bought the whole place and are really going to try to find out the skinny (and maybe get rich).</nutshell> (You can find out more nitpicky stuff here and here.)


So The History Channel has a show featuring the brothers that bought the place.  The elder one was a mailman, and the younger apparently did very well in the oil business.  You must have done pretty well to be able to buy an island and have all sorts of treasure hunting equipment.  I do alright and all I can do is throw some dirt in my bathtub and pretend I didn’t know I hid my watch in it.  But you have to start somewhere, right?

As for the show, I have seen a few episodes now and I am struck by the fact that the people in it are incredibly kind. I know that things can be edited any which way, but the fact that it is a reality show that is not full of jerks squabbling is pretty awesome.  I am sure as things progress tempers might flare, but I am already rooting for the two brothers to find something good.  A good mystery, good people looking for it and the place they brought the stuff they think is coconut fiber to be tested was ACADIA University!  You can’t really ask for more.

Oak Island featured in 1930's Popular Science

Wait. Boats and coconuts?  Gilligan?

What’s the big deal about coconut fiber?  Because if it was coconut fiber and it was from before 1715, then that would prove there were European people (or at least people with access to boats and coconuts) on Oak Island WAY before they thought there was, which would add a lot of credibility to the treasure stories.

Well?  WAS it coconut fiber?  And if so, HOW OLD was it?  You will have to tune in to find out. The Curse of Oak Island airs Sundays at 10/9 Central, or you can watch the first four episodes online at The History Channel.

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  1. I wonder if you can get this streaming. I’ve always been fascinated with this island. FDR went and dug there a couple of times too.

  2. I’m intrigued. My objection to reality shows is usually the confrontational nature of the cast. Plus I’m fascinated with Oak Island.

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