Dear H. R. Giger: For Your Birthday, Please Deliver One Café


Yesterday was the 74th birthday of artist, sculptor, and Alien designer Hans Rudolph (H.R.) Giger. Known for his dispassionately fetishistic creations that blur the line between human and machine, Giger’s design skills have also found a home in a small number of Café Bars over the last twenty years. These bars, currently located in Chur and Gruyeres, Switzerland, once also boasted a location in New York City, now closed for more than a decade.

How thrilling, then, for both Mr. Giger and his stateside fans, to hear the news that a new Giger Bar may be coming soon to the U.S. One look at the pictures in the gallery below and I think it’s safe to say that, although it may be Giger’s birthday, a xenomorphic tribute to cocktails and kinky biomechanics in our own backyard is really a rather lovely gift to us all.

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8 replies

  1. If he builds it, I will come.

  2. I hope it’s on the west coast somewhere!! In Seattle, it would fit in with the EMP Museum under the Space Needle.

  3. That’s mighty fantastic – would love to visit it!

  4. Love Giger. I so want to go to one of these. : )

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