A Little Terror Goes a Long Way: The Odd Thomas Trailer

Back in 2003, Dean Koontz released a little paranormal thriller with the unlikely title of Odd Thomas, a quirky tale of an unassuming young man with the power to see ghosts (and worse).  Odd Thomas quickly hit the best seller list and was picked up for a feature-length film adaptation, then…nothing. Entangled in legal issues, the film’s anticipated 2013 theatrical release date has long since come and gone. Luckily for Odd Thomas fans, the film has quietly become available for digital rental from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon On Demand. You can watch the trailer below.

Although there are definite parallels to Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners, the trailer seems to capture some of the juxtaposition of dark supernatural themes with good-natured goofery that made the first Odd Thomas book work. Director Stephen Sommers has turned out work with a similar tone in 1999’s The Mummy, and Odd Thomas star Anton Yelchin was charming in the Star Trek and Fright Night reboots.  I’m willing to give this one a chance as a potentially pleasant afternoon diversion. What do you think, kittens?

Odd Thomas Movie Poster via Bloody Disgusting

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14 replies

  1. I haven’t read Odd Thomas. Would this be a read it first situation?

  2. O… M… G!! This looks like so much fun, sweetie!!! 😀

  3. I’m going to give it a look…thanks for the post!

  4. Now I’m more of a classic Hammer guy, but that looks fun

  5. OMG – it was so bad. Maybe people who’ve read Odd Thomas will take away something more from the movie, but wow did it suck.
    I usually like Anton Yelchin but he was struggling with this one. Everything felt cheap and “off”. The dialog was trying so hard to be fun-goofy, but ended up sounding impossibly contrived. Young, scantily clad girls were introduced and objectified, only to die horrible deaths. Monsters and hellholes pop up and disappear without any explanation either way.
    My recommendation: Skip it.

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