432 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA: Haunted? Maybe.

abercornIf you have never been to Savannah, Georgia then the odds of you having heard of 432 Abercorn Street are pretty slim. But if you do some searches for it you will find a whole bunch of stuff about it: some ghost stories, some debunking of said ghost stories.  And some pretty neat videos of the place.

None of that matters to me, though, because this is the only picture I care about.

423This is supposedly a pic in the window of the house.  As you can plainly see, there is a monstrous little girl head in the shot.  Now I know you are probably asking yourself who let that creep in the house, but some people actually say it is a ghost!

The problem is that it is supposed to be a ghost of a little girl who was left to die of heat exhaustion in the house by her father.  That doesn’t even make sense.  She would have been a girl in a house, not a dog in a Volvo at Macy’s.  And even if she did die, why would she want to hang around the place she got killed?

MAYBE she would want to haunt her mean father til he died, but after that, why stick around?  If I was a little kid ghost I would haunt Disney World.  THINK, ghosts!  And if any of you know anything about this house (Eva) I would love to hear about it.  You might think it’s odd that the person who is writing the article is asking the audience to tell him about the subject of said article.  But this is me.  Do you really think it’s that odd?

Oh, and I have decided this year that I take requests.  Since I can make up anything know everything you can feel free to just throw out some horror-related topics (learn about the birds and bees on your own time) and I will pick one of them and go for it.

And if nobody suggests anything, I will do a post about apathetic blog readers who got cursed by some really handsome guy.  See you next week!

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4 replies

  1. Here, this link will give you everything you need to know.


  2. My Mummy, and Daddy bought the house at 432 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia. It was in 1972. It had/has a number of previous tennants, I never sensed a little girl, or heard those stories of the Father punishing the little girl. I had so many experiences, as did Mum, and Daddy. And our cat had some fun too:)

  3. Please tell me the cat saw a ghost. PLEASE

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