Friday Night Features: “Lights Out” Short Film

Kittens, I hope you can forgive our little Mad Monster Party sabbatical – we have such lovely sites to show you from last week’s event.  But first it’s time for Friday Night Features, our weekly horror shorts program here on TYoH!  To make up for missing last Friday while we were at the show, we have an outstandingly creepy little film for you tonight: Lights Out by Swedish director and composer David F. Sandberg. This 2013 short took Best Director at the most recent short film competition from TYoH favorite Bloody Cuts, and has recently caught fire online, passing five million views on Vimeo. One viewing just might be enough to leave you sleeping with the lights on tonight, darlings.  Enjoy!

If tonight’s short made you jump, consider showing it to a someone you know…or just take a peek at this compilation of reaction videos on YouTube.  After all, what are friends for?

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  1. My Review:

    I hate you now.
    *burns down own house for some reason*


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