Friday Night Features: “Fist of Jesus” Short Film

Fist of Jesus Short FilmKittens, for those of you that celebrate, today is Good Friday, the penultimate day of the Holy Week preceding Easter. If you’re wondering how we could possibly find an appropriate horror short for this week, we could point out that Easter is really the most popularly celebrated zombie holiday in the world (and if there’s one thing that’s easy to find in 2014, it’s zombie films).

However, we do like to go a little deeper than that here at TYoH. So for this week’s Friday Night Features film, we bring you the 2012 short Fist of Jesus, another fantastic collaboration by filmmaking team Adrián Cardona and David Muñoz. If you have a low tolerance for Jesus jokes, general silliness, or absolute buckets of gore, this one may not be for you. For the rest of you, enjoy!

 (via Short of the Week)

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9 replies

  1. Jesus is a bad ass! These guys are so creative! Can’t wait for “Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem”! Thanks for sharing Eva!

  2. The fish part killed me. I rate it three out of five messiahs

  3. The video was worth it for the multiplying of the fishes, alone!! I think I peed a little!

  4. Oh my god!!!! This is fantastic.

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