The Incredible Edible (Dragon) Egg

Long associated with spring in general and Easter in particular, eggs do admirable double duty as both a symbol of new life and rebirth and a tasty tea time snack. Of course, we here at TYoH prefer our snacks on the more interesting side…we didn’t specify exactly what was being born, did we?  If you’re planning to make up a mess of eggs, whether it’s for an midafternoon bite, Easter brunch this Sunday, or some spooky Halloween hors d’oeuvres later this year, may we suggest livening things up with a little black tea and spice?  Tea eggs are popular street food and picnic fare in China, easily created by stewing cracked eggs in a fragrant mix of tea, soy sauce, and spices. The result is a beautifully savory egg laced with delicate spiderwebs – something to shake up the usual spread this weekend.

If you prefer your colors on the more lively side, use the same cracking technique and place your eggs in a bath of food coloring and water, or go dark for a more sinister appearance. You can serve the eggs whole, or split them in half to make outlandish deviled eggs – just don’t forget to add the appropriate accessories!

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