A Friday Night Features Valentine’s Double Feature: “Cupid’s Last Stand” and “Red” Short Films

Darlings, we’re continuing to celebrate Women in Horror Month here on TYoH with tonight’s special Valentine’s Day edition of Friday Night Features.  In a first ever FNF Double Feature, we have not one but two darkly charming Valentine’s themed animated films, both by talented female creators. First is Cupid’s Last Stand by TYoH favorite Katy Towell, a tale of two holiday factions going to war as our Halloween heroine harnesses her flying sock monkeys to take on February’s most tedious toddler.

Next up is a very different kind of Valentine’s tale: Red, created by artist Hyunjoo Song for a 2010 CalArts student film project.  Never let it be said that I don’t have a soft spot for monsters in love, darlings. Enjoy, and happy Valentine’s Day!

Cupid's Last Stand by Katy Towell and Red by Hyunjoo Song

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