Friday Night Features: “Crooked Rot” Short Film


ATTENTION PLEASE THIS IS NOT EVA IT IS ACADIA.  Eva had some really good post lined up but she hurt herself doing something (prolly lifting a coffin) and took a muscle relaxer.  Then she said she was watching a movie for tonight’s post and then she casually mentioned that if I wanted to take something from drafts it would be ok.  I am betting that when shy typed that she was talking to a giant glowing Thundercat who was busy telling her that she had to protect the flour sifter no matter what.  At least that’s the kind of stuff that happened to me when I took one of those things.  I hate them.  No joke.  Mess me up for a week.

Anyway since I am in charge I wandered through her vaults and found this weird thing.  And when I say weird I don’t mean a little quirky.  I mean you can watch it 100 times and still not have ANY idea how David Firth (the guy who made it) got the idea, planned it out, filmed it and edited it.  I can’t imagine what he was doing when the thought came to him.  Unless he was on muscle relaxers.  Hmm.  That’s actually a pretty decent theory.

Watch it and let me know what you think.  Oh, and answer my trivia question.  Only true Crooked Rot fans will know it.

Q:  What doesn’t the pig like?

I don’t know how to post stuff in the comments without it ruining it for people so write it in secret code or something.  See?  Fun!  Enjoy the movie.  Or at least watch it and then be confused like me.

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8 replies

  1. Coolest, trippiest, most elaborate, non-sensical, horrific, comedic short I think I have seen. Thank God for already creative people who take hallucinogens. LMAO. Thoroughly entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG Eva on muscle relaxants. That sounds….safe.

  3. It’s like Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton had an illegitimate love child.

  4. I started The Lost Boys while on muscle relaxants and woke up to the DVD menu without any memory of the film.

  5. Disturbed, yes I think that more or less sums it up

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