183 Days and Counting: A Halfway to Halloween Giveaway

Halfway to Halloween Prize Giveaway

For those of you treasures who are already starting the countdown to Halloween, you know that tomorrow marks a momentous occasion – halfway to the big day!  Here at TYoH, we never need an excuse to celebrate Halloween, but we love a chance to get everyone else in the spirit, so in honor of Halfway to Halloween we’re giving away a Halfway to Halloween Survival Pack. This prize pack includes a bound anthology of Halloween poetry, a Halloween cocktail cookbook, and your choice of spooky set of wine charms or hand-crafted earrings – a little taste of Halloween to keep you in the mood for the next six months!

To win, just leave a comment on this post telling us how you plan to celebrate Halfway to Halloween. If you’re strapped for ideas, let our TYoH archive be your guide, whether you’re setting the mood with a little spooky music and poetry, or settling in with a few scary movies (perhaps something from the horror short film vault or our Halloween Guide to Netflix?). Maybe you’re going all out and whipping up some creepy food or cocktails and throwing a Halfway to Halloween bash this weekend, complete with costumes and makeup. However you plan to commemorate this week’s milestone, let us know in the comments and we’ll randomly select one winner for our prize pack. The contest will close at midnight on Monday, May 5. Good luck, and happy haunting!

Halfway to Halloween Survival Pack

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37 replies

  1. A great night to read some Lovecraft while sipping a glass of absinthe. Almost wish it was colder to stoke up the fireplace as well.

  2. Happy Beltane. Six more months.

  3. I plan to sit by a fire with friends and trade ghost stories.

  4. I am going to rewatch both episodes of Salem and have my boys tell me what they want to be for Halloween….and be boozy

  5. I plan to take my son trick-or-treating and then indulge in some adult libations with friends, en costume. 🙂 Costume still TBD this year.

  6. I plan to contemplate this years party and whether I can make a pinata cake decorated as a pumpkin. 🙂

  7. I plan to read my new Morbid Anatomy Anthology and plan some decedent and dreary new paintings.

  8. Continue to make myself sick from leftover Easter candy, and think about how in six months I’ll be making myself sick with leftover Halloween candy, and thus come to understand the great circle of life.

  9. Look for some horror films on television or at least pop in a DVD or two. Also keep posting on my year-round Halloween/Horror tumblr blog. Helps me get through the long months til October rolls around!

  10. I love Halloween but honestly the only kind of scary movies I actually like are zombies. I could not begin to explain why. However, an old friend is in town this weekend who LOVES scary movies and has already said she wants us to watch a scary one, so I will relent, in her honor and in honor of Halfway to Halloween and watch something she picks out that will scare the bejesus out of me.

  11. Sounds like a horror movie marathon is in order!

  12. Need a new Halloween costume, going to pull out my old mags from Various source and dream up something unique. Writing list up for what is needed…yeah will be awesome!

  13. Seems like as good a time as any for a drink.

  14. Hmm, maybe I’ll write a ghost story to celebrate this lovely day.

  15. Typically, during the day I would plan a fun Halloween lesson with my kids at school. One of my favorite moments. However this year we’re off on that Friday. Cool and sad at the same time. We’ll do something Thursday instead. Friday night I’ll have extra time to be a little more creative for what is sure to be a bigger night for Trick or Treaters.

  16. I jumped the gun and watched cabin in the woods last night. I’m planning an awesome costume for this year so maybe I’ll do some research to celebrate.

  17. I had spent the day working on a sculpture and visiting a cemetery. I’m thinking I should do a horror movie marathon while I work on my sculpture some more though.
    I can’t believe we’re only halfway there :C
    Maybe I should work on a costume to pass the time~

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