A Weekend of Wizards and Walkers Part 2: Run for Your Lives


For those of you over achieving souls that like to run marathons, participate in Iron Man competitions, and basically show your physical stuff, you many have just met your match. There is a big difference between running for your health and running for your life. Skybound Exp (an affiliate of Skybound entertainment, who works very closely with Robert Kirkman…you know the guy who writes that little comic book series The Walking Dead?) has created The Walking Dead Escape. Launched in 2012 at SDCC, the developers decided to take it on the road as a traveling zombie obstacle course and the 2014 schedule is still going strong. This is where I come in.

On May 31st in Atlanta, GA (covered in A Weekend of Wizards and Walkers Part 1), I was lucky enough to be a part of the event. There with my Walker Stalker Convention family promoting our upcoming convention in Atlanta, several of my co-horts were running the course…I am much too prissy (and horribly out of shape) to participate in such things. A few of those had goPro cameras on so please enjoy the videos and see what I missed out on!

The cool thing about this event is that it is almost a “choose your own adventure” sort of thing. You can choose to be a Spectator, A Survivor, or a Zombie. If you choose to be a Zombie then you arrive early and get made up by some of the best make up artists in the business. In Atlanta, it was KNB Efx artists (which just so happens to be Greg Nicotero’s company). If you choose to be a runner, then you go through the whole course pursued by zombies and find out at the end if you actually survive. If not, then unfortunately for you…you get shot in the head (not really- but they mark your head showing you died)! The event is running tonight in Hartford, CT and I have friends that will be live tweeting the event!! Be sure to check them out on Twitter at @MikeBradley24, @shannontoo, and @mortis_noctu. The first wave of runners vs. walkers starts at 6pm EST and I believe they run every 30-45 minutes! Be sure to check the schedule to see if they are coming to a city near you!


As an added bonus, check out this video courtesy of Hacksaw Jack who ran the race in Philly, and don’t forget to check out the gallery below of pictures from Atlanta!


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  1. Finally! A legitimate reason to run. 😉

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