31 Halloween Activities #15: Hold a Séance

Halloween Activities Card 15 Get in Touch with Some Loved OnesNow that we are less than three months from Halloween things are getting a lot more serious.  And having a seance is very serious business.  I am not sure if you know this or not but NEVER EVER EVER have a seance.

See, no good dead person wants to talk to you.  They are off doing the fun things that good dead people get to do (whatever that is).  It is only the creepers that are hanging around waiting for bearded dummies to have a seance or some other crap. They just lurk next to the Ouija holes in the universe.  They’re all ready to jump into the head of some dope and make them do their bidding.

On the other hand, you never really get to see what the demon’s bidding is once they possess someone.  Sitting in a bed, puking, speaking old languages?  What’s that get you? Hell with it.  Get possessed.  What’s the worst that could happen?  First one to get possessed between now and Halloween gets whatever it is Demons want.  Maybe it’s candy! Or Lap Dances! Or to be a Senator! Keep me informed.

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