31 Halloween Activities #25/26: It’s the Little Things that Count


Maybe rule 34 is a blessing all by itself.  I know that things here at TYoH don’t usually get very….risque, but I am not sure what you think is sexy about Halloween.  I mean, I know what guys think is sexy.  But girls?  I don’t have a clue.  I suppose vampires but I doubt there is such a thing as a “sexy guy mummy.”

Or is there?  I honestly never looked.  So let me see if there is such a thing.  *goes to Bing*  OK, so I saw a LOT of stuff but there was not one guy dressed like a mummy.  Vampire had plenty of dudes, though. So I guess they are more popular.

And if you want to have blessings other than sexy stuff, let’s tick off a few other Halloween blessings.

  1. Unlimited candy in your house that you can eat before and after the big night.  It is a scientific fact that fun size candy has no calories.
  2. You don’t have a bunch of idiot relatives bugging you to come over on Halloween.  It is the ANTI-extended family holiday.
  3. Everyone can participate because a good costume trumps good genes on Halloween.
  4. Halloween episodes of ALL TV are awesome.  The Simpsons being only ONE example.
  5. A scary movie is scary no matter when it was made.  Very rarely (IMO) do I find a truly dated horror movie.

So either revel in the blessings of the holiday or tell me what your secret sexy halloween fetish is in the comments.  Or link to something dirty so Eva freaks out. In fact, JUST DO THE LAST ONE! Hee.

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