Your Little Secret: Melting Kitty Candles by Thorunn Arnadottir

PyroPets Melting Kitty Skeleton

Earlier this morning, I shared an image on google+ of a geometric cat candle that melted to reveal a ghoulish metal skeleton crouched amid the flames. Given the fervor of the responses that post generated, I knew I needed to find out the rest of the story behind this bizarre little kitty chameleon.

Created by designer Thorunn Arnadottir and product developer Dan Koval, the cat is named Kisa (Icelandic for Kitty) and is the first in a line of hidden skeleton creature candles called PyroPets. The smooth lines and pastel colors of each candle burn away to reveal a memento mori – a grinning secret skeleton whose metal features glow in the flame, casting fearsome shadows from their pool of melted wax.

“As the sun begins to set and the shadows lengthen on the wall take a match and light the wick on Kisa. Settle into a cozy chair and relax. Watch as Kisa burns. Look at her shadow on the wall. A lazy warping profile of a kitten in the gathering evening darkness. But look closer. That is no kitten’s profile. That is a skeleton’s profile! Now look back at your candle. Your cute kitten’s now melted skin has peeled back to reveal a menacing flame scorched skeleton. Its sharp teeth glinting in the candle light and fire filled eyes staring back at you unblinking and unamused…Cats have always had a split personality. One minute purring contentedly, the next hissing and temperamental. While they are cute and huggable they have a dark side associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Kisa was created to capture this duality. Kisa performs a slowly unfolding transformation from cute kitty to brooding skeleton.”

PyroPets launched last year on Kickstarter and the response was no less ferverant them, earning them two and a half times more than their goal to bring these flaming felines to market. You can hear Thorunn’s explination of the product in the video below.

With Pyro Pet’s successful Kickstarter, their candles are currently available to purchase online from various retailers. Each kitty stands nearly 7″ high and burns for about 20 hours. You can find more art and design from Thorunn Arnadottir on her website,

(via darling TYoH reader Spockirk, who really just needs to start writing guest posts already)

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  1. Cool! I didn’t know all that!

    I’m not a writer but I guess I could try…

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