31 Halloween Activities #16: Adopt a Pet

Halloween Activities Card 16 Adopt a PetGet off the computer, go to a shelter and adopt a jet-black cat right now.  Why?  Because they are adopted with terrifyingly less frequency than cats that are not “unlucky”. And around Halloween, most shelters and adoption agencies won’t give black cats to anyone because there have been too many cases of abuse and abandonment.

Now, I am not trying to go all Sarah McLachlan on you, but if you were thinking about getting a cat, adopt a black one and do it now. And if you weren’t, do it anyway. By the time Halloween comes, he or she will already be settled in and ignoring you so you can just wish that it would stand in the window even though it won’t until after all the trick or treaters are gone

Go on.  Get a cat.

Right meow.

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7 replies

  1. Already done! https://flic.kr/p/oHxuSF (OK technically she has some white on her chest and feet but she’s basically a black cat.)

  2. My better half and I had a wonderful, big, black cat named Spot for 15 years, and he was awesome and amazing! He was so chill he would sit our laps on the porch and add to the “atmosphere” while we gave away candy on Halloween. 😉

  3. Does it count if I get a dog?

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