Friday Night Features: “Off Season” Short Film

Off Season Short Film PosterAs summer slowly dies in the northern hemisphere, our thoughts turn today to colder times and places, frozen wastelands with howling winds, ice and snow driving cold past the skin and deep into the marrow. It is in just such a location that this week’s featured horror short, Off Season, takes place.

Written and directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken, this 2009 short introduces us to a man and his dog living in the frigid wilds of Canada, surviving off what he can pilfer from the empty summer cabins ringing a brutal expense of frozen lake. The atmospheric score by iZLER and achingly lovely cinematography by Ming Kai Leung create a marvelous sense of tension and loneliness, setting the scene for a gruesome discovery at one forlorn cabin. This film is incredibly polished and effective for a twelve minute short, and is, in my opinion, one of the creepiest films we’ve featured so far this year. No surprise then, that Off Season was BAFTA-nominated and is rumored to be in talks for a feature-length adaptation. Until then, crank up the AC, turn out the lights, and enjoy!

Off Season Short Film

(via Popcorn Horror)

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  1. not sure I’d have fancied teh rubbing alcohol after the dog’s foot, but then a drins a drink!


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