Friday Night Features: “The Last Halloween” Short Film

The hour has arrived, my pets.  Tonight is finally Halloween and I hope you all have your pumpkins lit and a few treats standing by for whatever little creature may ring your bell this evening. Indeed, as we’ll learn in The Last Halloweentonight’s featured film written by Marc Roussel and Mark Thibodeau, those with an unwelcoming home at Halloween may be putting themselves at risk for a most chilling bit of unpleasantness, no matter how good their excuse.  Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

The Last Halloween Short FIlm Poster

If tonight’s featured film merely whetted your appetite for spooky shorts, may I recommend the extremely creepy Lights Out, Off Season, or To My Mother and Father? You may also enjoy last year’s collection of the five scariest shorts of 2013, or simply peruse our archive of over 100 horror short films, ranging from dark humor to dismemberment, with quite a few unnerving stops in between. 

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