Hoist the Sails High: Costume Tutorials from the Briny Deep

Deep Sea Pirate Monster Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Ahoy, sweetlings! Every year on September 19th, revelers channel their inner scallywags and wenches to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Going strong since 2002, ITLAPD is the most random of events, a day set aside to enjoy life in a most cartoonishly piratical way, a holiday in which creators Mark Summers and John Baur note that silliness is its best selling point. While costumes are certainly not a requirement for enjoying ITLAPD, with Halloween only 46 days away, what better way to get in the mood than a bit of old-fashioned revelry and disguise? Simply choose a pirate name, practice with the English-to-Pirate translator, then use the ITLAPD event finder to seek out some like-minded individuals to join up for a mug o’grog or two. And if dressing up is on the agenda (whether for ITLAPD or Halloween in just a little over a month), check out this collection of costume and makeup tutorials on a piratical theme!

Pirates of the Caribbean Tutorial by Kandee Johnson

Sunken Pirate Makeup Tutorial by MadeYewLook

Davy Jones Tutorial by Goldie Starling

Shark Girl Makeup Tutorial by Kat Sketch

DIY Pirate Costume Tutorial by Threadbanger

Stay tuned for more spooky how-tos on a pirate theme this week, plus a tale of horror on the open seas, in honor of ITLAPD!

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