We’re All Mad Here: DIY Alice in Wonderland Group Costume

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Kittens, we are just 50 days til Halloween. 50 days! Now, I know some of you have already been working on your Halloween look for ages, while others of you will starting thinking of what to wear in, oh, 48 days or so, but I think it’s high time we started featuring a few more tutorials here on TYoH. To give things a proper start, I’d like to begin with this collection of cosutme and makeup tutorials inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. My opinions on the last 20 years of Burton films is pretty well documented, but the man certainly does have a distinctive, lushly bizarre motif that can be a lot of fun to recreate for Halloween. These tutorials are great for a stand-alone costume, or would make a truly eye-catching group costume, plus they feature a few of our favorite Youtube DIY-ers. Happy haunting!

Mad Hatter by Threadbanger

Queen of Hearts by Kandee Johnson

Simple Alice Costume by GiannyL

Cheshire Cat by Courtney Little

White Queen by Julia Graf

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