31 Halloween Activities #21: Take a Late Night Stroll

Halloween Activities Card 21 Take a Late Night StrollHalloween time is especially great because signals the end of worrying about diets and whatnot.  Bathing suit weather is almost over and September starts almost four complete months of eating nothing but complete crap.

Which means that until all the gyms fill up with people working on their New Year’s Resolutions, the only way you are going to get any exercise is to take a nighttime walk. Or run from a murderer (which could be any time of day).

And walking at night is pretty much the only thing you can do this time of year because it gets dark so fast. On the other hand, you can feel pretty safe about people sneaking up on you since all the damn leaves make walking super loud.

So to recap: take a walk in the crisp night air, safe in the knowledge that if anyone or anything wants to kill you, you will be able to hear them coming.

Except murderers on hang gliders or maniac owls.  They fly so you got no warning.  Just nothing then….BOOM!  No head.  No head at all.

On second thought, just stay inside.

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1 reply

  1. Thanks for the idea!
    BRB, buying a hang glider.

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