Venom and Vice and Not a Single Thing Nice: DIY Apothecary Table

DIY Apothecary Scene by MJ Girling of Seeing ThingsDarlings, when it comes to Halloween decor, there is nothing I find more appealing than a haunted house. There is a certain spooky elegance to places long abandoned, where strange and unsettling things are found in lonely corners: candles half-burned to puddles of wax and forgotten, cobwebs where generations of spiders have lived, made homes, and died, a dusty antique phone that sits off in a corner, looking as if it hasn’t been used in years, yet gives a phantom ring from time to time, like the spirit of one long past is forlornly trying to call home.  All year, I gather little oddities as I find them: broken dolls from thrift stores, odd decor on clearance from home stores, old furniture on craigslist – that can be spread through a home haunt to create a feeling of a ghostly place lost to time.

DIY Soda Bell Jars by MJ Girling of Seeing ThingsThese found items, while rarely scary on their own, effectively create a lovely spooky aesthetic when a few creepy items are added to the collection. For this, I rely on DIY to inexpensively round out my decor and turn a home into a fabulously eerie haunted house.  Naturally, then, I was beyond excited to find this DIY Apothocary Table scene from M. J. Girling at Seeing Things that Aren’t Really There. Elegant and creepy, this Halloween scene is bristling with oddities from long ago; poison bottles, specimen jars, anatomical drawings studied by flickering candlelight. Best of all, she has included exceptionally easy DIY tutorials for the display, from creating altered books and weathered apothecary bottles to drippy candles and soda bottle bell jars! Click on over and get inspired, darlings. Happy haunting!

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  1. Nice is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Reblogged this on Vampyre Fangs and commented:
    Almost two months to Halloween!

    Thanks to Eva at The Year of Halloween for this piece!

  3. Hopefully people think cat puke is scary because I am soooo set if they do.

  4. I learned how to do candle drippings on the wine bottle from a girl in college. Believe me, there seemed to be lots of booze bottles laying about, Simply get a candle, trim the edges to fit the bottle’s mouth (the bottle should be of a unique shape), and viola. Nowadays, you may purchase candles that burn very quickly. With the quick burning candles, you can have a wax-dripped bottle in maybe two hours, in comparison to the months it would take to achieve a well-dripped bottle.

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