Friday Night Features: “To My Mother and Father” Short Film

With just two weeks left until Halloween, we’re ratcheting up the creep factor on Friday Night Features with this week’s featured horror short, To My Mother and Father. This 2010 short written and directed by Can Evrenol starts out innocently enough, when young Jimmy, home alone, discovers an old mask and decides to play a little prank on his absent parents. Once the parents arrive home, however, the film quickly moves from weird to deeply uncomfortable to hideous Lovecraftian nightmare. Although this definitely NSFW short has some bizarre gaps in the storyline, its viscerality and grotesque practical effects are effective enough to have won Most Disturbing Short Film at the 2010 HP Lovecraft Festival and Best Lovecraftian Short Film at Sydney’s 2011 A Night of Horror film fest.  If you have a low tolerance for disturbing horror, go back to the safety of last week’s short. For everyone else, enjoy…and happy (almost) Halloween!

To My Mother and Father Short Film Poster

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