Faces in Disguise: 4 Costume Tutorials from Threadbanger

It’s Costume Week at the Year of Halloween!  If yesterday’s collection of make-up tutorials didn’t meet your Halloween needs, here are four dynamite costume tutorials from TYoH favorite Threadbanger.  This series of tutorials ranges in complexity, but are all manageable and most can be completed with minimal investment in materials.  Enjoy, and happy haunting, darlings!

First up is this rather fabulous DIY Cleopatra costume.   Pair with an easy youtube makeup tutorial of your liking and some gold spray-painted sandals and done.

Next is this tutorial for a hooded robe made from a set of old curtains.  Although some sewing is required, I love how little precision is required in this kind of project, and the robe can be accessorized or paired with makeup for a huge number of looks.

The little top hats in this tutorial are all the rage right now.  Which can be a good or a bad thing, but honestly, this one is pretty cute.  Use whatever pattern you have on hand or can buy in remnants, or pick something to contrast/coordinate with your costume.  Accessorize as shown, add a bit of netting to create a veiled look, or pair sprockets or brass buttons with the feathers for a steampunk feel.

And speaking of steampunk, here is a whole fabulous tutorial for DIY steampunk attire for men and women.  I’m especially a fan of the DIY bloomers at the end of the video.  For more how-to thrift store steampunk, you can also check out this handy guide from the good folks at the MHS Hysteria.

That’s it for today my dears.  Keep checking back all week for more costume and makeup tutorials, and don’t forget to get your submissions in for the Halloween contest!

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  1. I could do some of those. Or two at once. That would confuse people!

  2. My kids would love to do a few of these. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I love the simplicity of these designs. Genius! And they’d work out great for themed parties throughout the year as well.


  1. Am I Demon: DIY Electronic Devil Costume | The Year of Halloween

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