A Most Horrible Picture: 3 Burton-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

Darlings, today marks just 9 days until Halloween – rather exciting, I would say.  Since I know many of you will be making your final Halloween costume decisions this week, I’m happy to announce that today kicks off Costume Week at The Year of Halloween!  Stay tuned all week for daily costume and makeup how-to guides, starting with today’s trio of Tim Burton-inspired makeup tutorials.  

First up, here is a really fabulous Edward Scissorhands tutorial by Kandee Johnson.

Next, an interesting take on the iconic Beetlejuice by Beauty by Brig.

And finally, from self-described YouTube beauty guru Tamang Phan comes this tutorial for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Hope this helps you with your Halloween costume plans, my dears.  Do take a look through our Costume and Makeup archive if you need more Halloween inspiration. See you all back tomorrow for some easy DIY costume tutorials, and in the meantime, happy haunting!

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11 replies

  1. Awesome make-up jobs on display here. I like that you post these tutorials for everyone to enjoy and attempt.

  2. After fort now camera pollish of Finnish decent means pants grip tightly two shorts. Wonderful life spaz? No problem!

    REDGE, HOW ARE THINGS ON THE HIGHWAY!? WHEN FORT MOW COW LIFE BITE MY FOOT? REDGE? -spazs on the left side of the keyboard- qwrtagzxcv


    – Ivy –

  3. Those look nothing like Richard Burton.

    *calls attorney*

  4. Awesome Sally – I always wanted to be her. Maybe next year!


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