A Hunger that Feeds: Zombie Head Hors d’Oeuvres

With last Sunday’s revelation, we are down to the last four episodes of The Walking Dead, darlings.  If you are thinking of throwing a Walking Dead party to celebrate the finale, why not serve this epically easy zombie head hors d’oeurve from Not Martha?  All you need is a plastic Halloween skull and any variety of spreadable cheese, and voila, a tasty (and tasteless) treat to help your guests get over the thought of six Daryl Dixon-free months.  And speaking of six months, Halloween is a mere 240 days away…never too early to start thinking party plans, kittens!

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18 replies

  1. You could also make pretzel stick crossbow bolts.

  2. When do we eat??

  3. That is equal parts amazing and disgusting, lol!

  4. Only four episodes left? But where will I turn in the interim for a show with such immense potential that is also maddeningly inconsistent in quality??

  5. Does head cheese count as spreadable cheese?

  6. That is delightfully disgusting!

  7. There is something totally creepy about a cheesy skull. I should totally throw a party this Halloween just so I can horrify people with it!

  8. *flushes with the heady triumph of being reblogged*


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