Horror GIF of the Week: I’m Late and the Horror is….ME

This was all you guys when you came looking for the gif post today.


You were probably worried sick.  Wondering what happened.

Maybe I was kidnapped.

Maybe I was on a game show.  I could have been on Cash Cab today and you wouldn’t know.  I could be your neighbor for that matter.  Maybe next time your neighbor sees you and is all: “Hey!  I was on Cash Cab!” you will think it’s me.

Maybe I am in the army and I had some missions to do.

Maybe I was doing something I can’t admit to you even though I tell you guys everything.  Maybe what I did was so terrible that I need to keep it a secret.  A terrible, murderous secret.


Or Maybe It’s None Of Your Business Where I Was….

Nah, just kidding.  I was busy at work.  And if anyone asks you, that’s what you will tell them. *cracks knuckles*

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5 replies

  1. Still waiting…

  2. That Batman isn’t scary and I don’t even watch scary movies.

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