31 Halloween Activities #5: Watch “Wait Until Dark”

Halloween Activity Card 5 - Watch Wait Until DarkEva shows you movies every Friday night. I am just going to have you see one to get yourself in the mood for Halloween. I am not even going to do a bunch of jokes in this post because I genuinely want you to see it. It was the first (actually only) Audrey Hepburn movie I ever saw and as far as I’m concerned there don’t need to be any other ones. This movie is outstanding.

But I do have to say that if you are not at least a certain age, you might be a little lost regarding some of the things people do (and get away with) in the movie. Like, you know how the movie Cujo could not really happen today? I mean, there is no way that anyone would drive anywhere with their dumb kid (or alone for that matter) without a million bottles of water and granola and crap. And since everyone has a phone and most cars have satellite and god forbid anyone have ten minutes to themselves without someone texting them or calling them or some crap, no, Cujo could never happen unless the dog ate the mother’s phone.

So that was a complete digression but there is a correlation between my rant and some of the important elements of Wait Until Dark. Not only can you enjoy it on its own merits, you can also try to figure out how you would update it to today’s world.  What do I mean by that?  Well, you will just have to watch it and see, won’t you…?

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  1. I don’t know that I’d consider this a horror flick, but it is really a delightfully tense thriller.

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