Friday Night Features: “Peekers” Short Film

Kittens, Friday Night Features returns from its sabbatical this week with a whole new slew of fantastically frightening short films for your horror viewing pleasure! We’ve been scouring the interwebs for the best horror shorts independent filmmakers have to offer and I think this particularly creepy 2008 offering by director Mark Steensland is a great way to get things started. Based on a short story by prolific horror author Kealan Patrick Burke (recently optioned for a feature length horror flick by Lionsgate with Mike Flanagan and the creative team behind Oculus), this week’s featured short uses simple concepts and film making techniques to effectively create a nightmare world of disturbingly grinning strangers who seem to wear the faces of those we know and love. Enjoy!

Peekers Short Film Poster Mark Steenland

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13 replies

  1. This movie is totally unrealistic. TWO sausages? They sell them in packages of 10 for a reason!

  2. Well that was way creepier than I expected.

  3. I was reminded of a Dane Cook sketch:

  4. Old people are always the creepiest, especially dopplegangers

  5. DOPPLEGANGER! That’s the word I was trying to think of. Yeah, it’s that. And they are creepy.

  6. And now I’ll have nightmares. Excellent. O_O

  7. That was excellent. I did not realize that the screenwriter, Rick Hautala, died last year. His books gave me some good scary hours.


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