Between My Finite Eyes: Surreal Double Face Makeup Tutorial

Promise Phan Face in a Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Inspired by a photo series by avant garde artist Sebastian Bieniek, this eye-catching makeup tutorial by Promise Phan is a surprisingly easy way to generate a room full of double-takes in less than fifteen minutes. Using basic products that you probably already have in your makeup kit, this simple optical illusion is a fabulous last minute technique any time you need a fast costume. You can pair this look with your regular street clothes, or use it as a basis for getting really creative – perhaps a unique spin on a “split personality” or circus performer costume? Whether you have an unexpected Halloween party or an out-of-the-blue invitation to a surrealist’s dinner party,  this is a quick and effective technique to have in your makeup arsenal!

You can see more photos from Sebastian Bieniek’s “DoubleFace” photo series in the gallery below and on Huffington Post. For more makeup tutorials by Promise, visit her YouTube channel.

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