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Fingers trembling, I unwrap the package. Legs almost buckling beneath me, I slip the costume on. It’s cheap nylon. It hangs loosely on my body. It’s nothing like the symbiote. But it’s everything… the only thing… I need now.”     – Eddie Brock, The Sensational Spider-Man, Vol 2:38

Kittens, today finds us just 242 days away from Halloween – that’s a third of the way there! High time, I think for our first makeup tutorial of the year, wouldn’t you agree?  With The Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and now a new Spider-Man reboot opening this spring, Marvel costumes will be out in full force at theme parties, conventions, and other cosplay events leading up to the big day in October. While there’s no word yet if Eddie Brock or his villainous alter ego, Venom, will make an appearance in May’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, these two DIY Venom makeup tutorials would make a Marvel-tastic splash for any costume party or opening night line. First up is an easy Venom-inspired makeup from YouTuber JenahWatson.

Our next tutorial by Alex Faction is a bit more in-depth, but is a great way to get creative with your makeup paints if you have the time.

For more Venom costume inspiration, check out this amazing She-Venom cosplay from Adam Jay at Superhero Photography.

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