The Joke’s On You: DIY Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Puddins, Halloween is just 74 days away, so why don’t we start this week off with a lovely makeup tutorial for one of our favorite lethal ladies of Gotham City? Today’s DIY tutorial from gorgeous makeup artist Julia Graf is an elegant, maskless take on DC supervillian Harley Quinn’s classic look. Pair this makeup with a Harley Quinn (or Dr. Harleen Quinzel) costume and you will be on your way to Halloween mischief in no time!

Harley Quinn outfits abound online, or if you’re feeling ambitious, check out this Arkham City-inspired how-to Harley costume Instructable from ClockCollector. You can also find an entire collection of detailed Harley Quinn cosplay DIY video tutorials from Kellax Productions

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5 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. That is the most beautiful Harley Quinn makeup I’ve ever seen! It’s more interpretative than overdone. I’ve watched this girl’s videos before and she always does a great job.


  1. Posts From Beyond the Grave: Halloween Makeup Tutorials – The Year of Halloween

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