Friday Night Features: “Demon Sitter” Short Film

Demon Sitter Short Film by Federico Sfascia

Hey everyone!  Eva is super busy this weekend with her fancy conventions and whatnot so I volunteered to be your usher for tonight’s movie.  It’s a quick one that didn’t go in the direction I thought it was going to go.  Not that I am super good at guessing how movies will turn out (I genuinely thought the second half of Titanic was going to be about Rose and Jack trying to make it work in New York) but this one will be a curve ball for all of you.

After you watch, let’s have a conversation in the comments where we try to talk about the movie without spoiling it for anyone.  My favorite part was when the ***** ******** the *** and *** his ****** ***!

Enjoy, and warm up your asterisk key!  I am sure when Eva comes back she will roll her eyes (I make her do that a lot) but at least she will know we had some fun.

Created by Federico Sfascia for the Bloody Cuts Who’s There horror short film challenge.

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  1. That’s exactly how I expected the ****** to turn out.

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