See What’s Inside Me: Shedding Skin Makeup Tutorial

cristalprostyler Shedding Skin Tutorial

Darlings, not only is today a mere 44 days til Halloween, it’s also the birthday of that legendary horror hostess, Elvira, mighty mistress of the macabre! In honor of our beloved Mistress of the Dark, today’s tutorial is classic movie monster inspired – a lovely face peeling back to reveal a horror within.

I love this look because it’s so dramatic and eye-catching, it would pair perfectly with what I like to call “closet costumes” – a long, slinky dress in black or green for a viper lady; black shirt, leggings, and boots for an interstellar assassin.  Accessorized can be as simply as dangly jewelry or poisonous green nails. This is also a great choice for a half-reptile look from the 1983 sci-fi classic V (Jane Badler as Diana, anyone?). Cristal uses specialty contact lenses for this look, but I think the makeup makes enough of a statement on its own that it is perfectly effective without them.  You can find more makeup tutorials from Cristal on her youtube channel, CristalProstyler.  Happy haunting!

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  1. As soon as the photo opened, I said, “Diana!” It helps to be a certain age, I guess.

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