31 Halloween Activities #20: Light Some Candles

I was going to write a poem for this card but then I couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with candle. Mantle? Oh wait, I’ve got it.

My absence has been hurting you.
It’s more than you can handle.
You wait for me each lonely night.
At the window with your flashlight app on your phone.

There.  That’s pretty good. I was worried there for a minute that I had lost my “poet’s touch.” Luckily I saved it right at the end.  You are all so lucky to have me.

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  1. I still have a phobia about candles since I went to college and they terrified us by explaining that our 100+ year old dorm had a “five minute burn time”. I do love them but I prefer to rest them on places like my stovetop or a metal tray away from anything soft or flammable. Or maybe something like A MANTLE.

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